Bogus Time Tracking

In Time Tracking on November 2, 2008 at 5:29 pm

We have a client that has several employees consistently understate the amount of time they are spending on a project.  They are concerned that if they actually work 10 hours on the project and the estimate to the client was only 7 hours that they will appear incompetent and will be penalized.The problem with this thinking is that it will create continually under billing to your clients.  You continue to bill the 7 hours and you keep losing 3 hours of work that you are not getting paid for.

You may be keeping a client that isn’t profitable simply because the information you have makes them appear profitable.

It is important that as a manager, you stress to your staff the importance of accurate time tracking.  More important, you must follow through with your actions.  Don’t penalize an employee for taking longer than you had estimated, but learn from the experience.  If it consistently takes longer than expected, you may need to adjust your estimates.  If it is one employee that consistently takes longer, then you may need to do some coaching or up-skilling.

As long as you and your staff are continually learning based on accurate facts, your shop will continue to grow and have more profits!

  1. What kind of project is it ?
    If it’s a project that’s done mostly on the PC Premember may offer a solution.
    It keeps track of everything you work on the pc so you can look back into time and see exactly what you worked on.
    See for more info.

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